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LEVEL C Brand Specialist Certification

LEVEL C is an innovative brand education program designed by the leading pioneer, author, and expert in brand: Marty Neumeier.

Branding is the art of managing the ‘gut feeling’ that people have about your organization. It’s an incredibly powerful tool—the most powerful tool—that nonprofits can use to build and grow a connection with their audiences.

In January, I was pleased to spend a week with Marty and Andy Starr as part of LEVEL C’s Brand Specialist certification.

After years of reading and re-reading Marty’s books, the week was a chance to learn directly from the legend himself—while collaborating with a cohort of creative and strategic thinkers from around the world.

Through brand principles like differentiation, collaboration, and innovation nonprofits can build resilient, charismatic brands that resonate with their audiences on a deep, personal level.

Unique. Focused. Irreplaceable.

Those are the brands that end up changing the world.

Thanks to Marty, Andy and LEVEL C for an invaluable week.


What challenges are you facing in building and growing your organization’s brand? Let me know in the comments or email me at


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